About JATC

Paducah Electrical JATC offers a five year apprenticeship program in the electrical industry. During the program students have 180 hours of classroom training per year for 5 years and 8,000 hours of OJT (on the job training) over 5 years. Once a student has completed all of the requirements of the apprenticeship they are transferred to Journeyman Wireman status.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of tuition?

$100 per semester or $200 per year, total $1,000

How long is the apprenticeship?

5 years, one night per week between August and May

When will I be eligible for a union membership?

After 2,000 hours and completion of 1st year of school

How will I be paid?

Apprentices are paid by a percentage of the current Journeyman Wireman scale

What is a journeyman?

A skilled worker who has successfully completed an official apprenticeship qualification in a building trade or craft. Journeymen are considered competent and authorized to work in that field as a fully qualified employee.They earn their license by education, supervised experience and examination.

When will I start receiving health insurance?

You and your family will receive health insurance after 420 OJT hours have been completed

See the Apprenticeship to Bachelor’s Degree comparison chart.


The IBEW apprenticeship has taught me many valuable lessons.You can learn exactly what you need to know for the electrical trade and much more.It is the best decision I’ve made….2nd Year Apprentice

Hunter Bell

The IBEW apprenticeship has given me the opportunity to meet hundreds of new people while expanding my knowledge of the trade.

Johnathan McDaniel / 5th Year Apprentice

The IBEW apprenticeship offers an exceptional learning experience regarding, on the job training and classroom training.I highly recommend the apprenticeship to individuals that want to pursue a career in the electrical trade.

Lucas Joiner / 2nd Year Apprentice

The IBEW apprenticeship gave me the opportunity to not only learn a great trade but to get paid while learning the trade.The apprenticeship has given me the knowledge and skills to take my electrical career anywhere I want to take it.

Dakota Gibbs / 5th Year Apprentice